Counselling Therapist Madrid

To feel good or to live well?

Due to the modern market society in which we live, unhappiness, sadness and other so called negative emotions are seen as problematic and admitting to them is often seen as a sign of failure. we are encouraged not to express them and to get rid of them as quickly as possible. However, focussing on unpleasant and troublesome thoughts and memories in an attempt to avoid them is counterproductive.

Often Attempts to eliminate or prevent unwanted thoughts or feelings and consequent attempts to feel good, are not only unsuccessful but generate a "boomerang" effect. Paradoxically the more something is not wanted, the more present and extended it becomes in many areas of our personal life. Life becomes reduced to a constant struggle with unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions and the elimination of emotional discomfort becomes a requirement for living. But this, not only highlights and extends the emotional discomfort further, but also leads people away from what ultimately matters.  ​

CoCounselling Therapist in Madrid offers a Bilingual counselling service in English and Spanish, orientated to the specific needs of the English speaking Community in madrid